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hari om
 IMO nitya karmas are obligatory to a grihastha regardless of his spiritual elevated position. we do not drop those karmas, but when we reach such a height, the karmas drop away themselves, without me feeling the strain of dropping them. that is the reason we pray to lord mrityunjaya - oorvaarukamiva bandhanaath mrityor muksheeya, maa amritaath. here when a ripened cucumber separates itself from the creeper, there is no injury either to the cucumber or to the creeper. neither is hurt in any way. when my antahkarana ripens, all worldly things would drop off by themselves without injuring anybody's sentiments. if he is a grihastha and the karmas drop off when he is fully spiritually ripe, he would become an avadhootha, perhaps, without taking up sanyas to attain that ultimate state of realization. and as a grihastha, we all have the responsibility of leading our kith and kin in the right vedoktha marga and hence we have to follow certain vedic
 injunctions whether i feel the need or not, becoz otherwise, there is every chance of my behaviour leading some immature individuals astray by sheer imitation without understanding the purport behind my behaviour.
i have only expressed my ideas on this and i have no intention to hurt anybody's sentiments on this list. i am open to constructive comments and criticisms as i want to learn things in their right perspective - the vedic perspective.

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there is no need to feel that "i" am standing higher than the other fellow, which would defeat the very purpose of climbing ! as long as i am climbing the ladder, am at any rung, i am bound to reach there, provided i have the desire to reach the top and go beyond it.

praNAms mAtAji
Hare Krishna

That is really very beautifully said mAtAji...IMHO, it is very dangerous to think that we are better qualified in jnAna mArga & can skip some karma-s at our will...What is the use of wearing sacred thread (yajnOpavIta) without doing saNdhya?? what is the use of wearing tripundra, nAma, mudra etc. without doing dEvatArchana?? And, I am not able to understand the difference in *adhikAratva* among gruhastA-s (householders)...If I am a gruhasta brAhmaNa but an *uttama adhikAri* (!!??), does shAstra allow me to skip my nitya karma like saNdhya etc. & allow me to opt for some substitutes?? I dont think so, irrespective of one's superior mental status or higher adhikAra one has to abide to the rules & regulations of his/her respective ashrama/dharma as long as he stays there.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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