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Dear all:
If one understands the significance why was "sandhyaavandana" might have been prescribed in the first as a part of one's dinacaryaa by our ancestors automatically answer the query about nityakarma.
In gopatha brhamaNa (2.1.10) there is a discussion about the chaturmaasya yaj~na, where it is termed as "bhaiShjajayaj~na".  To me this give the rational why they were doing yaj~na during that period and same principle could be applied to sandhyaavandanam as well.
baiShajyayaj~naa vaa ete | R^itusandhiShu vyadhirjaayate |
tasmaad RE^itusandhiShu prayujyante ||
Meaning - Diseases prevail when the season changes, therefore yaj~na is performed during this period.  (Here, chaturmaasya yaj~na, where it is termed as "bhaiShjajayaj~na" in the very first line.)  
When one is performing any ritual one needs to practice maximum purity.  The transition period is termed as "padoSha kaala", when the upasarga "pra" denotes (rather signifies) the beginning of doSha (a potential problem). {Hope, readers do not confuse between "dosaa" that one eats for dinner and "doSha".}  If the potential problems are not recognized in time then they manifest as much larger problems.  That is why one performs rudra japa as well, which can help us identify the hazards.  For example -
ye anneShu vividhyanti paatreShu pibato janaan || rudra namaka 11.7 ||
Meaning - Rudra lives in food and utensils as invisible bacteria and they create diseases for those who consume them.
Our ancestors incorporated various suukta and that forewarn us about hazards.  It is most unfortunate that we do not integrate the intended utility in our daily lives but keep on discussions alive.  The real spirituality is the use of what has been said the real utility.  Now consider how does it matter how many purasccraNa one does for rudra or mahaamR^ityunjaya mantra is on does not make a conscious effort for proper hygiene then it is useless to think that deity did not protect the individual.
AS Einstein said, " Imagination is more important than knowledge, because it leads to what to do with the knowledge once gets acquired."  I believe that this applies to may discussions in advaita as well.  One needs to become one with the knowledge - "yaH saakshaatkurute prabodhasamaye svaatmaanamevaadvayaM" and then utilize the knowledge for your own good or for the society one lives in (for the common good of others) because the higher purpose.   (NOTE:  Here again if one looks at the meaning of upasarga "pra" it signifies the leading edge of the begenning.)
My apologies if above statements do not make sense to some advatins who prefer to be locked in their ivory towers of advaita and have no desire to practice the core principles by classifying things as separate as vyavahaarika and aadhyaatmika rather than integrating them for use while living.
Just some thoughts of $0.02
Kind regards,
Dr. Yadu

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there is no need to feel that "i" am standing higher than the other
which would defeat the very purpose of climbing ! as long as i am climbing
the ladder, am at any rung, i am bound to reach there, provided i have the
desire to reach the top and go beyond it.

praNAms mAtAji
Hare Krishna

That is really very beautifully said mAtAji...IMHO, it is very dangerous to
think that we are better qualified in jnAna mArga & can skip some karma-s
at our will...What is the use of wearing sacred thread (yajnOpavIta)
without doing saNdhya??  what is the use of wearing tripundra, nAma, mudra
etc. without doing dEvatArchana??  And, I am not able to understand the
difference in *adhikAratva* among gruhastA-s (householders)...If I am a
gruhasta brAhmaNa but an *uttama adhikAri* (!!??), does shAstra allow me to
skip my nitya karma like saNdhya etc.  & allow me to  opt for some
substitutes??  I dont think so, irrespective of one's superior mental
status or higher adhikAra one has to abide to the rules & regulations of
his/her respective ashrama/dharma as long as he stays there.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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