[Advaita-l] Arjuna vs. Karna

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If this were so, it would seem to make Krishna "asathya", when he told
Arjuna - Sarva dharmaAn parityajya mAmekam sharaNam vraja.......... 
sathya includes Both sides of the coin - sathya vachana (speak the truth)
and Vachana sathya(keep up the spoken word).
K. Ramakrishna

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I read some where that Sri Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni, based on information
available in the Veda, seems to have commented that in actuality Karna won
the battle. But, Veda Vyasa with a view to give some 'correct' moral example
to the future generations, wrote in the Mahabharata that Arjuna won. People
familiar with Sri KGM's works can find out what lead Sri KGM to conclude



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