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Michael - PraNAms

No, you are not missing anything. Every wonder is beyond the realm of intellect - just enjoy what you see. Life itself is a wonder - the whole mithyaa is beautiful. Bhakti is an expression of admiration to that great creator who could create such a wonderful creation. Jnaani is the one who sees the creation as the Vibhuuti or glory of the Lord - or the glorified expression of the Self itself. 

Hence Krishna says Janaani is supreme Bhakta. 

Hari Om!

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Sadanandaji --

Thank for another graceful answer.

But may I press this question ? Maybe it is just a weakness of the Western

The jnani in me accepts maayaa as anirvacaniyam.

But the rather starved Western bhakti in me would like to see it also as the
sparkling rainbow of the magic of Creation !

Am I missing some connection ? I think I may be !

Vamana / Michael Shepherd

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