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Dear Sri Michael

How can I view Sadanadaji's post ?

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Michael Shepherd <
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> Sadanandaji
> Of all the splendid answers here, today your answer delights me most..
> I am not here to argue.. I only have to fall still, and there are no
> questions to answer, no doubts to resolve, no positions to take or reject,
> in that 'just being'..
> If I posit questions here, it is to understand the teachings in their
> purity... if a teaching stands in one's way, for whatever reasons, it is
> not
> helpful. And I was at one stage in years past, misled (perhaps a necessary
> step ?) as to 'look for' maya.. But then, after a time, when 'just
> looking' -- it wasn't there as a veil, as a theory, as a hindrance, as a
> help...
> So I would not like to pass on any confusion to others,  about knowing, or
> seeing, the Creation or the Creator, in any faith or language..
> At the same time, there is no safer recourse than to turn to the words of
> the wisest.
> Please take this response as a thankyou to all who have responded to this
> question -- and may continue to do so !
> Vamana/Michael
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