[Advaita-l] Science and the Veda

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 30 03:24:07 CST 2009

This was earlier discussed on this list.
One of the Upanishats says 'Mountains are meditating as it were, rivers are
meditating as it were..'.
We pride ourselves in having a mind that thinks.
But there is no means available to prove that matter does not have
Apparently we are made of the same material that a stone is made of, 
so what is special in us?
If that special thing is consciousness, can we prove where we got it from?
Can we explain why we are fortunate to have it but the matter is not so
fortunate? By whatever miracle we got consciousness, couldn't the matter
get it as well by means of the same miracle? 
The only conclusion is that just as we have consciousness, matter has
consciousness, so everything has consciousness. 
The next step is to replace 'has' with 'is'.  
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