[Advaita-l] Science and the Veda

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Namaste Shrinavas,

How kind of you to give me those references. It all makes very good sense. In the language I'm more accustomed to, it is all a matter of levels of consciousness. Obviously, the pen cannot say 'I am on the left corner of the table'.. But the Advaitin dissecting a frog may well see a more conscious image in his mind of the frog in front of him, and discover more..

And for the disciple who finds his guru, the whole cosmos changes..

Perhaps I impose on the Indian mind divisions and distinctions which are Western with regard to science; that may have been the impetus for my initial question, seeking to tanscend such barriers of mind. 

I'm not suffiiciently up in quantum physics. But years ago, a friend asked me to read his doctoral thesis on Field Theory; when I'd read it, I exclaimed 'But that's the Perfect Prayer (purnamadah..) !'  But he couldn't see that himself ! So my mind is open; I tend to ask questions on proof on behalf of others !

I have some friends who are studying science in relation to Sanskrit texts (I only found this out two days ago..); I'll wait to see what questions they may have come up with.

I hope that such questions are not considered too far outside the purposes of this website. For me, they are one of the potential meeting points of East and West (excuse the outmoded phrase..).

Thank you again,


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Namaste Michael,

Here are some relevant posts, I am sure there are more in archives.
(This is how I understand things, no claims of authority are being made)

By the way, M-Science is not any standard term. It is just a term introduced
in my pervious post in the interest of making the post less verbose.


Namaste Shrinivas,

I searched the archives but could not find anything as relevant as your
‘starting-point’. So may I try your patience a little further with what is
my crude understanding of your ‘five points’ ?
If it’s not too much to ask, would you suggest how your point 4 may begin to
be revealed ?
Best wishes,

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