[Advaita-l] Science and the Veda‏

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 31 22:00:19 CST 2009

Dear Michael, 
1. During the good old Newtonian days material sciences were perfect cause-effect chains.
2. The modern sciences Quantum physics, genetics, relativity, computer sciences, neuro-sciences 
accept some intelligent agents in nature. 
3. With the Grand Unification Theories scientists are trying put back reason into science. 
(There may be some customization for this universe, like universal constants). 
1 & 3 have been rejected to be the highest truth by Gaudapada & Sankara who say that 
causality has to necessarily cease because the highest truth is absense of causality. 
The first two bench marks are at two points of time - going into deep sleep & waking up from deep sleep. 
Sankara says that an ignorant person might enjoy eternal bliss during deep sleep,
but while waking up from sleep, wakes up into the same old waking state based on the karmas which 
have been deposited earlier and are in latent state. The implication is that, the first few micro-seconds 
during the process of waking up hold the key to the nature of this universe. In other words, 
the adjustments the Jiva makes while waking up are so complex, they match the mathematics 
needed for all subjects put together in 2. above.    
Technologically, logically and mathematically speaking 2 is a big deal, but if you sit back and relax 
it is not, because the existence of life itself is a miracle - a fact even a common villager knows. Resolving either end effectively resolves 2. 
In sciences, intelligent agents give leverage, and they are useful in making gadgets. 
Devas also give leverage, and they were used in making astras like brahmastram etc. 
Intelligent agents in science would one day merge into a unifield field theory. 
The subject of intelligent agents is an isomorphism of the subject of devas. 
Devas merge into advaita every fraction of second. Shruti is the subject of devas. 
There is no need to reinvent the subject. 

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