[Advaita-l] vidya,avidya,Brahman and holography

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Thu Oct 1 00:24:12 CDT 2009

Sri.Michel Shepherd
I am sorry that you have misconstued the meaning of "Maya".Maya means that
which is not,Ya ma sa maya.For 'Maya'to have its power,it is necessary
that the Jiva must have avidya.That avidya is abourt Brahman.Then what is
Maya?Is it a power associated with Brahman or separate from it.If it is 
associated with Brahman,then how is it it is sublated for the
Jivanmukta?If it is not associated with Brahman,then it has reality.In
order to place this type of indeterminacy,Maya has been conferred the
status of "anirvacaniya khyati".The sadasadvilakshnatva of Maya has it
power of avarana and viksepa.

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