[Advaita-l] prana and the lifetime

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Wed Oct 7 08:30:13 CDT 2009


Dear Michael,


Any such textual reference about what prANa is directed towards at

different ages needs to be taken, not as a statement of principle, but

as what is called arthavAda. The aim of such a statement would be to

exhort people to turn their attention to inner development at least at

a late age in their lives.




> For reasons individual and universal, I'm interested in vanaprashtha -- and
> so will others need to be, if as recently estimated, babies born now will
> live a hundred years..
> I read yesterday that prana is directed, up to the age of forty, to the
> activities of the physical body; from forty to seventy, to mental
> development; and from seventy onward, to spiritual development.
> Is there any scriptural authority for this statement ? In Ayurveda perhaps ?
> In Saivism ? It seems open both to interpretation and misinterpretation as
> it stands.
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