[Advaita-l] waking, dreaming, sleeping, as mutually supportive

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> Vidyasankar quoted the Taittiriya Up. There can be many similar quotes
> from the Katha, Svetasvatara, Chandogya, etc which teach some or the
> other kind of yoga-shaastra. The BG uses the triguna framework which
> was extensively elaborated by the Samkhyan-s. Are all these some kind
> of modern Vedanta?
> I believe most traditional pundits would find your questions rather
> absurd. Such questions don't fit in with their understanding and
> experience of Indian traditions. They view all the shaastra-s as an
> integrated whole, and not as a bunch of piecemeal competing schools.


Realize that there is a modern school which prides itself on its being
clueless in this regard. Their whole existence is based on the supreme
pride that they alone are the key-holders to the door of
"pristine-pure" vedaanta, whatever the heck that means. The founders
of this school started off in Western education, were not taught by
traditional pundits, and they have lot of pride on discovering things
by themselves by reading books. So it's like banging your head against
a brick wall - best to avoid it, go away and leave them to wallow in
their own theories.


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