[Advaita-l] Advaita vedanta or not? (was RE: waking, dreaming, sleeping, as mutually supportive)

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 16 14:53:00 CDT 2009

> > Kindly pardon me I am not able to get the intended meaning of your 
> above assertion!! 'A saMpradAya lies not in a fossilized text & 
> commentary'...what exactly does it mean prabhuji?? Over the ages shruti & 
> smruti texts do not undergo any change and nobody dared to make even an 
> attempt to change it to suit to the current day & age.. so in a sense, 

Bhaskar, you know exactly what I mean! I am criticizing the methodology of

those who think they can extract "truer" and "more authentic" meaning from

the source texts.


When I say these are not fossilized texts, I mean that you cannot attempt

to decry all later interpreters and then somehow miraculously "retrieve" the

"original" intent and meaning preserved in the source texts.



> to 'mUlabhAshyakAra' & his works...We cannot claim that fossilized texts & 
> my mUlAcharya-s commentaries on it are not suitable to this day and age 
> and hence we have to resort to the commentaries of later Acharya-s who 
> have the 'better understanding' of current trend, date and age!! 

It is I who cannot find the intended meaning in the above assertion!


The commentaries of the later AcArya-s are also similarly smRti, for those who

truly value tradition! You are making an entirely unwarranted distinction between

the mUla bhAshyakAra and those who came after him in the sampradAya. 



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