[Advaita-l] Sanyasa and Ramana

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Tue Oct 20 06:20:42 CDT 2009

With reference to the discussion on the above topic,there is an episode
mentioned in the conversations with Ramana Maharshi.Once,a head of a Mutt
came to see Ramana and pursuade him to take Sanyas and be the successor to
his mutt.He was carrying a book in his hand,and told Ramana to make up his
mind and went to have his bath in the pond.Ramana casually went through
the book.The sanyasi after his bath came and asked Ramana,"What have you
decided"?.Ramana showed a line in the book which said"Who ever comes near
Arunachala gets mukthi"Needless to tell,the head of the mutt returned
without a word.

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