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Vishy vishy1962 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 23:49:26 CDT 2009

Dear Michealji, Sadananadaji, Sunilji, vyasji, Anbuji and other learned members
Pranams to all. As a novice to scriptures, I would like to raise genune doubt so that I can get calrified by the learned
Generally we all beleive in the theory of rebirth and that is very basic of karma theroy too, but I am not clear as what is that dies at the time of physical death of this body and what is that takes rebirth??
All of us are made of the physical body (made of five elements ) , Mind (Manas...made of chitta , buddhi and ahankara) and the Atman( the consciouness, the real life)
The physical body which is made of the five elements of nature goes back once burried or cremated
The Atman which is teh Bathman itself is common in all living beings that is never born or never dies
Than we are left with only the mind....  here chitta is storage of all thoughts and experiences, buddhi is the intelligence and ahankara is an illusion. Out of these which, I am not able to understand,  takes rebirth!!! These three can be at the most can be contenets, but what is the container that carries?
Please dont think I am sceptical, but this is genune doubt for which I couldnt
get answer anywhere?  
Pranams once again

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