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Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Oct 22 04:43:22 CDT 2009

So, this argument that the jnAna mArga is to be limited to only brAhmaNa-s

and that people of other varNa-s have no adhikAra to become saMnyAsins

would seem like an ultra-conservative view that is not upheld even by some

of the most notable AcAryas of advaita vedAnta tradition.

Humble sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Vidya prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I am afraid, shankara himself makes this type of 'ultra-conservative' 
statements in his shruti bhAshya : na hi kshtriya vaishyayOH pArivrAjya 
pratipattirasti (bruhadAraNyaka 4-5-15 concluding remarks) & brAhmaNAmeva 
adhikArO vyuttAne atO brAhmaNa grahaNam (bruhadAraNyaka 3-5-1) ...I've 
written a mail regarding this seeking clarification, apart from Sri subbu 
prabhuji, who kindfully called over phone with regard to this, nobody said 
anything sofar...this is including those who tirelessly swinging their 
brickbat against brahmasaMstha-s in other Ashrama :-)) And what about 
'shudra's'??  If a shUdra is really a genuine mumukshu and really wanted 
to persue the path of jnAna, would our tradition ready to initiate him to 
formal saNyAsa??  As per shankara,  in sUdra jAti also there were jnAni-s 
like vidhura & dharma vyAdha, and for them, strictly speaking,  there is 
no eligibility to take saNyAsa coz. these set of people were not 
dvija-s...From this can we say, sofar history has not seen 'any brahma 
saMstha' in sUdra jAti??  or can we conclude 'there cannot be any 
brahmasaMstha in the category of 'non-dvija-s'!!.

Your humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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