[Advaita-l] Learning sanskrit and structured learning of Hinduism

Magesh N maggem123 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 06:36:37 CDT 2009

Hello Everyone,
I have joined this group very recently... Excellent to see the
discussions by many learned people.
I am doing my PhD in UK. I consider myself 0 in sprituality. have only
patch knowledge here and there.

Thanks to Ananya Parek - I wanted to raise the same question "Readings
for Beginners" and others for answering to the thread.

I have two doubts

- Is there any book for self-study material for learning Sanskrit? My
long held wish.

- Forgive my ignorance.
I think...... Hinduism is not taught in a structed way to kids in the
right age. Have we failed in that aspect?
Considering the way other religions show so much respect for their
teachings, worship and rituals, Do we have proper means of imparting
knowledge to a growing kid?
I dont want to blame my father for this. I don't remember doing a
systematic study. Owing to the environment I grew, I have listened to
mantras and chanting from young age. I have good retention (memory)
and It is easy for me to pickup.  But no structured learning...
There is also saying knowledge without guru is kind of meaningless and
would be patchy....
Your thoughts on this for future generation.

Thanks & best wishes
Magesh N

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