[Advaita-l] Rebirth

Shyam shyam_md at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 25 11:23:07 CDT 2009

Vishy <vishy1962 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> as we can see " i" as an illusiory thought at micro level 
> Eswara aslo a bugger illusion at macro level, at least I
> think so. The movement small 'i' dissappears the big "I"
> also has to disappear ....Isnt it??
> But than whats left?? pure Consciousness alone we call it
> 'Brahman' or  is it 'shoonya' as buddhists say!!!
This is a commonly misunderstood position. I have previously provided my perspective explaining this - you can read it at


Hari OM


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