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In your Sanskrit version there are mistakes. i am giving the correct
versions below.

कलाभ्याम् चूडालंकृत-शशिकलाभ्यां निजतप:-
फलाभ्यां भक्तेषु प्रकटित-फलाभ्य़ां भवतु मे ।
शिवाभ्या-मस्तोक-त्रिभुवन-शिवाभ्यां हृदि पुन-
र्भवाभ्या-मानन्द-स्फुर-दनुभवाभ्यां नतिरियम् ॥ १ ॥

गलन्ती शंभो त्वच्चरित-सरित: किल्बिषरजो
दलन्ती धीकुल्यासरणिषु पतन्ती विजयताम् ।
दिशन्ती संसारभ्रमण-परितापोपशमनं
वसन्ती मच्चेतो-ह्रदभुवि शिवानन्दलहरी ॥ २ ॥


On 10/30/09, Anbu sivam2 <anbesivam2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sivaanandalahari - 2
> गलन्ती शंभो त्वच्चरिथ-सरित: किल्बिषरजो
> दलन्ती धीकुल्यासरणिषु पतन्ती विजयताम् ।
> दिशन्ती संसारभ्रमण-परितापोपशमनं
> वसन्ती मच्चेतो-ह्रदभुवि शिवानन्दल्हरी ॥ २ ॥
> galantI SaMbho tvachcharitha-sarita: kilbiSharajo
> dalantI dhIkulyAsaraNiShu patantI vijayatAm |
> diSantI saMsArabhramaNa-paritApopaSamanaM
> vasantI machcheto-hradabhuvi SivAnandalharI || 2 ||
> Oh Lord Sambhu, the flood of Sivananda or Siva’s bliss, which flows from the
> river of your history, which destroys the dust of sin, flowing through the
> canals of the intellect, which gives Shanti from sorrows arising from the
> whirl pool of life, which lives in the heart, be always victorious.
> The Shivaanandha created by the combination of Saakshaath Paarvathi and
> Parameswaraal is described in the prakrthi as a punya theertha. The source
> of this punya theertha is Sri Parvathi-Parameswaraal's Charithram that flows
> like a river (Charith). What is this punya charithram? It consists of
> Parameswara's wonderous leelas of Thripura Samhaaram, Mrithyunjayam which
> are brought to light in Shiva Puraana, Linga Puraana, Skanda Mahaapuraana
> and Jagan Maatha's great feats of
> Mahishaasura Mardhanam etc that are exemplified in Devi Mahaathmyam, Devi
> Bhagavatham, Lalithopaagyaanam and so on.
> "Ekaanthino yasya na kanchanaartham vaachchanthi ye vai bhagavatprapannaaha|
> Adyathputham thachcharitham sumangalam gaayantha aanandhasamudhramannaaha||"
> Who can describe the great Mahimas of this Charitha if Aadhi Sesha of a
> thousand heads cannot describe it? All we can do is to become swans in this
> kathaamrutha saras and swim in great delight!
> Whosoever remembers this charithra at the time of his greatest misfortune,
> that very moment of his memory he would be released from his misery. This is
> His greatest Kaarunyam that swells and floods towards the devotee is
> described by Bhagavatpaadhaal as "thvachcharitha sarithaha" In this great
> torrent of water that gushes out smashes to smithreen those sanchitha
> karmas, does away the aagaami karma and blunts the veeryam of the praarabhda
> karma. This gives the devotee the parama saanthi to enjoy his
> Shivaanubhavam!
> Thus all our indriyaas that have been immersed into Sivaanandham lose their
> ability to wander towards the vishayaas and therefore get their layam.
> Moreover, "Manaha, param kaaranamaamananthi samsaara chakram
> parivarthayedhyath" says the saasthra. That is it is the manas that is the
> reason for the wheel of samsaara of birth and death. This is the root cause
> of all our dhukkam. This huge dhukkam is done away by the flood of
> Shivaanandam. Also the Sruthi says, "Raso vai saha" and so this Shivaanandam
> is complete and permanent.
> When you take a dip in great theerthas like the Ganga, it removes the paapas
> that have accrued but does not remove the vaasanas that cause the sins. But
> the pravaaham of Shivaanandam not only removes all the paapas but also does
> away the beginningless agnaana that causes the sins. The Sruthi says,
> "Ethasvaivaanandasyaanyaani bhoothani maathraamupajeevanthi". That Ananda
> which is held as the greatest Ananda and the root of all Ananda, know that
> to be Shivaananda. That is it covers all Ananda from manushyaananda to
> Brahmaananda and beyond!
> Thus Paramaacharyaal describes the endless glory of Shivaananda and the
> means to attain it as Shiva Bajanam.
> Aum Nama Sivaaya!
> (to be continued)
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