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त्रयीवेद्यं हृद्यं त्रिपुरहरमाद्यं त्रिनयनं
जटा-भारोदारं चलदुरगहारं मृगधरम् ।
महादेवं देवं मयि सदयभावं पशुपतिं
चिदालंबं सांबं शिवमतिविडंबं हृदि भजे ॥ ३ ॥


On 10/30/09, Anbu sivam2 <anbesivam2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sivaanandalahari - 3 (contd.)Our Charanaar has said that of the three Vedas,
> Yajur Veda is in the middle. In the middle of Yajur Veda is Sri Rudram. And
> in the middle of Sri Rudram is the great Panchaakshari manthra “Namasivaaya
> cha”. This shows that the essence of the Veda is the revelation of Shiva.
> Consider the following the following Thevaaram that highlights the
> importance of the Pachaakshari manthra.
> மந்திரநான்மறையாகியவானவர்
> சிந்தையுணின்றவர் தம்மையாள்வன
> செந்தழலோம்பியசெம்மைவேதியர்க்
> கந்தியுண்மன்திரமஞெழுத்துமே.
> (பன்சாக்ஷரத்திருப்பதிகம்)
> காதலாகிக்கசிந்துகண்ணீர்மல்கி
> ஓதுவார்தமைநன்னெறிக்குய்ப்பது
> வேதநான்கினுமெய்ப்பொருளாவது
> நாதனாமநமச்சிவாயமே.
> (நமச்சிவாயதிருப்பதிகம்)
> The dhyaana mahimaa of this greatest of all manthras destroys the kaama
> krodha lobha madha maathsaryam of all the living beings and brings unto them
> the nirmala aananda swaroopam. If dhyaanam of the panchaakshari could bring
> this loftiest peace what will be the effect if a person could abandon
> karthruthvaabhimaanam, abandon the fruits of karma and dedicating them to
> Parameswara? Bhagavan Ramana says: “Easwaraarpitham nechyayaakritham
> chithasodhakam, mukthi saadhakam.”
> In the puraana the three asuras Thaarakaakshan, kamalaakshan and vidyunmaali
> had made mayan to construct for them three fantastic flying forts made of
> iron, silver and gold with which they would fly into every city of the naras
> and devas and harass them. These three forts would join in a single line
> once every three thousand years. If at that time these three forts could be
> shot by a single missile then only they could be destroyed. Devas
> surrendered to Parameswara and pleaded with him to come to their rescue from
> the harassment of these three asuras.
> KshoNi yasya rathO rathaangayugaLam chandraarka bimbadhvayam, kodhanda:
> kanakaachalo hariraboodhbhaaNo vichissaaradhi| ThooNiro jaladhirhayaa:
> sruthichayO mourvI bhujangaadhipa: ThansminmE hrudhayam ramathaam
> parabrahmaaNi|| To him this bhoomi became the chariot, Chandra sooryaaL
> became the wheels, mahaa Meru parvadham became the bow, Vaasuki the great
> sarpa raja became the thick thread that ties the ends of the bow, Mahaa
> Vishnu became the arrow, Brahma was the charioteer, the four Vedas became
> the four horses of the ratham and the ocean became the ambaraadhooNi. This
> was the spectacular vehicle on which Shiva rode towards the three asuras who
> have joined in a single line and shot them all with one single arrow and
> destroyed them. Such is the feat of this greatest Parameswara. The
> thathwaartham of this story is that the jeeva raasis with their three bodies
> (sthoola sukshma kaarana sariras) do greatly suffer from the ills of the
> miserable samsaara which is due to not knowing who we are. It is only due to
> the relationship that we have to this sthoola sookshma kaaraNa sareerams
> that these sufferings ensue. It is the Shivaanubhavam and Shivagnanam that
> removes these sufferings and brings us the Moksha. ‘Gnanam
> Maheswaraadhichcheth’ is the saasthra. To attain this advaita gnana
> Parameswara’s grace is absolutely necessary.
> (to be continued)
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