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स्मृतौ शास्त्रे वैद्ये शकुन-कविता-गान-फणितौ
पुराणे मन्त्रे वा स्तुति-नटन-हास्येष्वचतुर: ।
कथं राज्ञां प्रीतिर्भवति मयि कोऽहं पशुपते
पशुं मां सर्वज्ञ प्रथित कृपया पालय विभो ॥ ५ ॥


On 11/1/09, Anbu sivam2 <anbesivam2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Aum
> Sivaanandalahari - 5स्मृतौ शास्त्रे वैध्ये शकुन-कविता-गान-फणितौ
> पुराणे मन्त्रे वा स्तुति-नटन-हास्येष्वचतुर: ।
> कथं राञां प्रीतिर्भवति मयि कोऽहं पशुपते
> पशुं मां सर्वञ प्रथित कृपया पालय विभो ॥ ५ ॥
> smRutau SAstre vaidhye Sakuna-kavitA-gAna-phaNitau
> purANe mantre vA stuti-naTana-hAsyeShvachatura: |
> kathaM rA~jAM prItirbhavati mayi ko&haM paSupate
> paSuM mAM sarva~ja prathita kRupayA pAlaya vibho || 5 ||
> I don’t possess expertise of scriptures Manusmruti, Siksha, Kalpam,
> Vyakaranam, nruktam, chandas, Jyotisham, medicine, Sakunam, arts of pleasing
> others with poems and music, in explaining Puranas, proper use of Mantras,
> praising, acting and humour. How will the kings be pleased with me? Oh lord
> of all beings, all knowing, famous, all pervading, who am I ? Please protect
> this ignorant being with your mercy.
> *Commentary*
> Is there a bhoga greater than that was enjoyed by the great Mahabali? Even
> Mahaabali who held the saarvabhauma padhavi of the trilokas understood that
> nothing would be achieved by these padhavis and realized that he had wasted
> his life like a pasu. ‘pasyanthi ithi pasavaha’ – what is prathyaksham was
> taken by me as sathyam and I was satisfied and had wasted my time. “Aham
> prathyayavedhyam jeevathathvam kim?” What is the thathvam of that jeevathma
> that is known by the sound ‘I’? O Sarvavyaapi, I surrender to you. You are
> the One to do away with my ‘pasuthwam’. So please, please give me that
> upadesam that will release me from the shackles.
> தானமுந் தவமும்யோகத் தன்மையும் உணரா வென்பால் ஞானமுந் தெவிட்ட இன்ப நன்மையும்
> நல்குவாயோ
> (தாயுமானவர்)
> Whosoever chants this sloka in Sivasannidhi and prostrates before Pasupathi
> is sure to be released from his pasuthvam.
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