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On 12/2/10, Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:
> praNAms to all prabhuji-s / mAtAji-s
> Hare Krishna
> Kindly share your daily spiritual routines with the list. Spiritual
> routines of advanced sAdhaka-s & their guidance  would certainly help the
> neophytes like me to proceed meaningfully  in spiritual path...Kindly
> allow me to start with my routines :
> In short, normally I wake up around 5 in the morning, after nitya daihika
> karma-s, I do sandhyavandana, laghu devatArchana and vedAdhyayana for
> about one and half hour (timings may wary if there is an early morning
> live cricket matches in television :-))..I follow cricket matches very
> closely and I am still playing  cricket for my company) by 6-45 I go to
> play shuttle badminton and by 8.30 I will be in office, till 6 or 6.30 I
> will be here in office doing work...Leisure time during office hours, as
> you all know I will be troubling you with my mails :-))  by 7 or 7-30  I
> reach home do the sAyaM (ofcourse not so regular in sAyam sandhya as I
> have to stay late at office during audit times) and shankara bhAshya
> adhyayana with svatantra grantha-s of my parama guruji Sri SSS.  Saturday
> and Sunday are off for me, if there is no pooja / homa programme ( I am
> also a part time  purOhit/priest)   I do spend my time in vedAdhyayana,
> saptashati pArAyana, vedAnta chintana etc. Ofcourse, giving sufficient
> time for my family for outing, cinema, functions etc.  chess games,
> cricket, badminton etc. Overall, nothing so special & worth
> mentioning...It is a monotonous routine of the typical South Indian
> smArtha brAhmin who is bit spiritual in his thinking.  I must say here
> there is no long duration japa, meditation in my routine and my spiritual
> activity is just a part of my routine materialistic activity without any
> special emphasization on it!!..
> Kindly do share your spiritual routines...My special and humble request to
> Sri Vidya Shankara prabhuji, Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji, Sri  Ravi
> Mayavaram prabhuji, Sri Siva Senani Nori prabhuji, Sri Devanathan
> (antaryaami) prabhuji, Sri Ananda Hudli prabhuji, Sri Subbu prabhuji, Sri
> Srikanta prabhuji and ALL the elders, seniors, juniors & knowledgeable
> members of this group.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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Tapas Dutta

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