[Advaita-l] non-negation

Anand Hudli ahudli at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 21:32:13 CST 2010

The Chandogya says sadeva somya idam agre AsIt. Before anything, there was
this "Sat" or Existence which is also Brahman and there is no negation of
this Sat. That same Sat, that same Brahman is tvam You. Hence Uddalaka says
"Thou art That" or tattvamasi. You can negate everything but you cannot
negate Yourself because it is impossible. No person can possibly say 'I do
not exist'. This You is that Brahman Tat. You can negate Jiva, Ishvara, and
Jagat, but the person who is doing the negation cannot negate himself. What
remains after negating everything is his own Self which is the same as

Of course, saying this takes little time, but it has to be realized under
the guidance of a Guru.


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