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> श्रीमात्रे नमः
> In addition to these reasons, I have also found many obstacles coming in my
> way when I openly speak about these matters.  That is, if I say  I am doing
> this and that -- I do not know why -- next time when I have to do that  I
> face obstacles. This has happened to me repeatedly. Hence, I keep these
> things to myself.
> There is a maxim, nyAya: धर्मः क्षरति कीर्तनात्  - Dharma tends to
dissipate when spoken out.

When we have spoken out our practices, it is very likely that someone
praises.  And when asked to speak out, we ourselves, not very conscious of
it, engage in self-praise.  There is that thing called: burI nazar, or
'dRShTi'.  All these take their toll and it is the routine that  suffers.
We become wiser by this experience and try not to disclose/trumpet or even
think of the practices appreciatively ourselves.

Mahatmas do not generally disclose their practices; they might sometimes
allow their sincere  disciples to watch them and learn and imbibe.  As
someone said, each person's routine is unique in itself and there can be
only a general commonality which can be adapted by each one to suit one's
tastes and temperaments.

Om Tat Sat

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