[Advaita-l] True or False?

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Mon Dec 6 09:17:57 CST 2010

I don't think I can add anything special or unique to what others have
already said in response to these questions. I don't know whether one
should feel honored or cornered, in being singled out (or tripled out)
like this. Since you want pithy sound-bite true or false answers, let
me restate your statements.
brahman is sat - True.
viSesha is sat - False.

jIva, jagat and ISvara are sat - Neither True nor False.

As brahman, jIva, jagat and ISvara are sat; as qualified by an infinite
number of differentiating viSesha-s, they are not sat. Ultimately, the
viSesha-s are your mental creations, not true of things as they are.
This is possibly a deeply unsatisfying answer to you, but not everything
is possible to be broken down into T & F statements as you desire. Even
in modern multiple choice tests, people give choices such as "none of
the above" and "all of the above". When we talk of the really real and
the apparently real and the unreal, there are more than binary logic at
work and no amount of reduction to binary logic will be valid.

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> Subject: [Advaita-l] True or False?
> Sri Vidyasankar, Sri Devanathan, Sri Subrahmanian,
> According to advaitam, could you please answer true or false to the
> following question?
> 1. Nirvisesha Brahman (Nirguna Brahman) is sat (real)
> 2. Savisesha Brahman (Saguna Brahman or Ishwara) is asat (unreal)
> 3. Jagat is asat (unreal)
> 4. Jivatvam is asat (unreal)
> I request others to answer only after these three answer and that ONLY if
> you disagree. Thank you.
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