[Advaita-l] Does Brahman Know?

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On Sun, 28 Nov 2010, Ananth Padmanabhan wrote:

> vAgarTHAviva samprkthau vAgarTHaprathipaththayE / jagathaha pitharau 
> vandhE pArvathIparamEshvarau -
> वागर्थाविव सम्पृक्तौ वागर्थप्रतिपत्तयॆ /  जगत: पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमॆश्वरौ]
> As many know, This is the first verse of Kalidasa's epic poem, 
> Raghuvamsham.
> When Kalidasa attained Jnanam from Devi, one of the 3 words Devi 
> mentioned is vAk that he used to start his Raguvamsam (with the other 
> two, he started Megadhootham and KumArasambhavam). The substantive 
> realities of everything, apart from being known individually as vAk and 
> artha, also are inclusive in the Absolute Brahman, which is intrinsic of 
> everything. I may be 'Iddlisubban' to some, Padmanabhan to some others, 
> husband to my wife, son to my mom, father to my children etc depending 
> on the beholder but to an end-state-mumukshu or beholder, this is 'THAT 
> BRAHMAN'. When bahirmuham disappears and only antharmuham is seen, when 
> the light that lits the room alone is seen and not the objects it lights 
> or the senses that see, this is when iddli,flour,the ingredients that 
> became flour all get negated (nethi) one by one until the Ultimate 
> Brahman is realised. This process of elimination and deduction goes on 
> until it stops at the final destination; mumukshus' sadhana has to go 
> thru the stages of being iddlisubban, subban, none and Brahman; some may 
> skip some stages depending on merit, abhyasam and GRACE. Some may keep 
> failing in '101-Sadhana for Mumukshus' and some may need 'Moksha Sadhana 
> for Dummies'. Some smart-cookies may jump from being Iddlisubban 
> straight to being a 'realized nameless! Brahma Subban'.
> There is nothing sacred or not-sacred in the realm of the Underlying 
> reality. Sri Rudram glorifies Brahman in everything and engages us to 
> see that 'Brahman' in all.

Well put!  I  would like to add that this is why the moksha-shastra is 
called advaita (non-dual) and not aikya or some some word meaning one. 
The conventional subject-object relationships (vyavahara) are the natural 
state of being for the jiva.  It is the understanding of the 
false nature of all those relationships which is called jnana.

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