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praNAms Sri Karthik prabhuji
Hare Krishna

> Sorry for the belated reply to your 'lawyer notice' like mail :-)) I am 
just wondering how people are blinkered when they are giving their 
verdicts on others' intention & purposes.  Anyway, being a 
'pratipakshavAdi' I have to address your concerns:-))...So, here we go :

Although you have asked Vidya for his opinion, he has not yet replied - I 
guess it may not be worth his time to point out trivial mistakes.

>  and you are ready to spend your time to point out those 'trivial' 
mistakes :-)) good, atleast you are ready to spend your valuable time in 
nitpicking :-)) BTW, I think, Sri vidya prabhuji, nowadays,  has more 
time, enthu & energy in engaging himself in trivial threads :-)) I've seen 
him, how patiently, he is answering all the queries from 'dvaita' bandhu-s 
or leg pullers of advaita :-))  And I am always eager to have his 
satsangha through mails.

say above, "nowadays MOST of the acharya-s", implying that there may be 

>  Yes, if those exceptions are not there in the list of 'MOST' Acharya-s 
we have to accept the fact that those observations are correct in MOST of 
the Acharya-s' case. 

But in your previous email, you had actually claimed that not "most" but 
ALL of the Acharyas behaved this way: "I dont see ANY of our present day 
Acharya-s/ swamiji-s/ vedAnta guruji-s using their 'pAda-s' to travel from 
one place to another and preferring 'kuteera' to stay...They have ALWAYS 
posh cars...".

>  Again, my above observation does not meant to corner & highlight any 
particular Acharya paraMpara, if somebody reads like that that is there 
perception problem. Any commensense reading would suffice to understand 
that ALL is nothing but ALL & it does not an attempt to point the finger 
at any particular cult!!  And also, you may please be noted that this 'car 
travelling' of swamiji-s and their luxurious life style etc. is first 
observed by Sri Srikanta prabhuji and above sentences of mine are only 
'additionals' to his already observed points.  There is no legitimate / 
sane reason for you to pick ONLY my comments when two members of the same 
thread expressing their 'same' opinion. 

I hope you see the difference.

>  yes, there is a difference between the words 'MOST' and 'ALL' but 
giving to the present context of 'general' observation, this is too 
negligible difference and there is absolutely no need to make it a big 

Problem # 1:

Your had alleged, "And with regard to luxurious life of swamiji's...I dont 
see any of our present day Acharya-s/ swamiji-s/ vedAnta guruji-s using 
their 'pAda-s' to travel from one place to another and preferring 
'kuteera' to stay...They have always posh cars (their own and devotees as 
well :-))  at their disposal and have well furnished cottages to stay and 
sumptuous food for the 'bhiksha':-))"

NOTHING of what you have said above concerning the actions of the Acharyas 
actually violates the rules of dharma, which the Acharyas of the four 
primary Sankara Maths scrupulously follow. If they drive around in 
so-called "posh" cars (as you describe it), that is the car that was 
offered to the Acharyas by the devotees so that the Acharyas can fulfill 
their busy schedule of blessing devotees one day in Sringeri and another 
day in Bengaluru and the next day in Chennai. And there is absolutely 
nothing in our dharma that PROHIBITS Acharyas from traveling in such cars 
if it is to fulfill the needs of the devotees who yearn for the blessings 
of their masters. 

>  OK then what is your problem in my observation??  if these things are 
not dharma bAhira and indispensable for the current day life scenario, so 
be it...Atleast for the one or the other reason you are accepting that 
'life style' of present day acharya-s is as per the above observations. 
Anyway, you please read the yati dharma nirNaya or paramahamsa meemamsya 
to know more about what saNyAsi should & should not do !!?? 

So your characterization of the Acharyas' busy life involving extensive 
traveling through inhospitable roads and harsh schedules for the sake of 
blessing the devotees as "luxurious" was in bad taste indeed!

>  again reading everything by wearing the bigoted spectacles is your 
problem, I cannot help it...Mind you,  you are writing this even AFTER I 
clarified that for this way of life even my guruji-s are not an exception 
and through their life style like this we cannot read much with regard to 
their jnAna...If you are not able to digest these things in a positive 
manner, do you think it is my problem?? 

Problem # 2:

Another quote from you, "Due to his prArabdha janita dehendriya manObuddhi 
ahaMkAra, he may  'sometime' involve in 'questionable' activities by 
getting 'vipareeta pratyaya-s!! When the  brahma jnAni's  fate itself is 
like this then what to speak about 'holymen' ??  So, at least with this 
excuse the holymen can justify their activities. No pun intended here 
please, this is the theory which got acceptance from the 'official' flag 
holders of advaita."

I don't know whom you have referred to by "'official' flag holders of 
advaita", but certainly this is not the view held by the Acharyas of the 
four main Sankara Maths. 

>  again, this shows how poor you are in understanding the context & 
circumstances of these observation...Official flag holders does not mean 
chaturAmnaya mutt swamiji-s...Official flag holders please note in this 
context are those who are in the name of shankara saMpradAya trying to 
sell the ticket for the show ' jnAni's indulgence in gOdhULi maithuna'to 
prove jnAni's kAma & krOdha and weakness to listen to some dharma bAhira, 
neetibAhira demands!!...I am sorry to say this...but this is what has been 
floating freely in the electronic media. 

I'm particularly highlighting your claim, "So, at least with this excuse 
the holymen can justify their activities...this is the theory which got 
acceptance from the 'official' flag holders of advaita.", that is 
FACTUALLY INCORRECT, besides being in extraordinary bad taste.

>  then you have to throw your blame on those who are propagating these 
views in the name of shankara siddhAnta not on me who is opposing this 
non-sense theories.

Firstly, the GYAnI himself, if he is at the level of jIvanmukti, will not 
attribute any "activities" to himself, so there is no question of his 
"justifying his activities" to anyone, because in his view there is no 
"my" involved in the activity.

>  agreed..

Secondly, if there is a body that engages in Adharma saying, "I am a 
GYAnI, so I can do whatever I want", then punishment can be meted out to 
the same body, saying, "You are a GYAnI, so you can take this punishment 
for the Adharma done by the body"! So in this case also there is no 
"justification" of the Adharmic activity. 

>  but what is your answer to the influence of prArabdha which makes jnAni 
to behave abnormally like in the case of kashyapa prajaapati, who is 
depicted as a jnAni but obeyed and 'cooperated' to the demands of his 
ajnAni wife?? 

Point: If someone has engaged in an Adharmic deed, he or she or it must be 
punished according to the rules of dharma. There is NO "justification" 
whatsoever for an evil deed.

>  but it has been said due to the influence of prArabdha, jnAni too 'some 
time' succumbs to the vipareeta pratyaya..the example given to show 
jnAni-s krOdha & kAma is the famous episode of kashyapa.

>  I am sorry, since you have used somany 'you-s' in your mail while 
replying to me, I had to  follow the same style & tone!! Hope you would 
take it in the right spirit. 


Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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