[Advaita-l] Advaitic Foods

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There is one more reference I cannot remember about stale food allowed
for women but not men. Some one may kindly find it.

But my original request was if any member experience proper
concentration on Advaitic thoughts after eating Sattvika food.



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>> The reference to stale food is directly found in Baudhayana Dharma
>> Sutra 1 1.2 3 about peculiar customs in South India.
>> http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/sbe14/sbe1435.htm
> "... to eat in the company of an uninitiated person, to eat in the
> company of one's wife, to eat stale food, to marry the daughter of
> a maternal uncle or of a paternal aunt."
> These are described as customs unique to the southern part of India.
> From this reference, how do you infer that the dharmaSAstra allows
> only women to eat stale food, but not men? I am very curious to
> know the unique reasoning process that you follow when you post
> something about dharma and AcAra to the list.
> All I see is a descriptive statement about southern practices common
> in the time of the author of this dharmaSAstra text. Moreover, what
> I see is a description of practices followed by men, not by women.
> After all, the person who eats in the company of a wife or marries a
> daughter of a maternal uncle or paternal aunt has to be a man! And we
> can also safely assume that one who eats along with an uninitiated
> person also has to be a man who has undergone initiation. How do you
> exclude one point (eating stale food) from men when all the others
> in the same sentence refer only to the practices of men in the south?
> Vidyasankar
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