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Dear Sri Kman,

You said '' ''

Can you please tell us how you are so sure? According whom is it so ?? I
mean Sir, I would like to know whether this claim is established beyond all
doubt by somebody authorized to do so?



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On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 4:09 AM, kman <krismanian at gmail.com> wrote:

> Cow's milk is nothing but Cow's protein, fat, blood , calcium etc. The only
> distinction
> between eating a cow and a fish is that, fish is killed in the process, but
> Cow lives until it runs out of milk!
> In all the discussions about what we have seen is the rules are different
> or
> relaxed depensing on where you live or preferences. Brahmins stopped eating
> meat only after Buddha's teachings and the competition from Buddhism.
> Ofcourse all the gods Shiva, Rama etc are non-brahmins and eat non veg!
> Tamasik/Rajasik is all in your mind.
> >Eating food outside should be avoided, one can take milk and fruits
> instead.
> >Completely avoid veg/non veg places especially in india? am saying this
> out
> of
> >experience as instead of panner i was served chicken hence had to atone
> for
> it
> >for a week.
> >Sri Kamakshi
> >Raghavender R Ganti
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> Kman
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