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Here are a few verses quoted by Swami Paramarthananda in the course of his
lectures.  I thought they have some good message to convey and hence
presenting them in this forum.

आहारार्थं कर्म कुर्यादजस्रं
स्यादाहारः प्राणसंधारणार्थम् ।
प्राणधार्याः तत्त्वजिज्ञासनार्थं
तत्त्वं ज्ञेयं येन भूयो न दुःखम् ॥

Work incessantly for the sake of securing food  [earn to eat]
Eating is with a view to maintain the body [eat to live]
Living is for the sake of enquiry into the Truth
Truth is to be realized so that there is no more misery.

उद्यन्तु शतमादित्याः उद्यन्तु शतमिन्दवः ।
विनापरोक्षानुभवं नश्यति नान्तरं तमः ॥

Let a hundred suns rise, let a hundred moons rise.  The inner darkness of
ignorance will not go without the direct experience of the Truth.

वस्त्रेण वपुषा वाचा विद्यया विनयेन च ।
वकारैः पञ्चभिर्हीनो नरो हीनत्वमृच्छति ॥

There are these five things that make a complete person; bereft of these one
becomes lowly:

vastram -  proper attire.  vapuH - well maintained body. vidyA -
knowledgeable.  vAk - pleasing words. vinaya - courteous behavior.

 किं वाससा<http://samskrtam.wordpress.com/2005/09/23/%e0%a4%95%e0%a4%bf%e0%a4%82-%e0%a4%b5%e0%a4%be%e0%a4%b8%e0%a4%b8%e0%a4%be-2/>

किं वाससा इत्यत्र विचारणीयं
वासः प्रधानं खलु योग्यतायै।
पीताम्बरं वीक्ष्य ददौ स्वकन्यां
दिगम्बरं (चर्माम्बरं) वीक्ष्य विषं समुद्रः॥

kiṁ vāsasā ityatra vicāraṇīyaṁ
vāsaḥ pradhānaṁ khalu yogyatāyai |
pītāmbaraṁ vīkṣya dadau svakanyāṁ
digambaraṁ (chamAmbaram) vīkṣya viṣaṁ samudraḥ ||

Sanskrit humour…

""What's in one's dress" — is a point for contemplation;
apparel is indeed important for appropriateness;
Looking at the one dressed in bright yellow clothes (Mahavishnu), the Ocean
(Samudraraaja) gave him his daughter (Lakshmi); seeing the one dressed in
nothing (clad in elephant/tiger skin) (Lord Shiva) Samudra raaja gave him
poison!" [The samudra-mathanam of the Purana is being alluded to where upon
churning the ocean of milk by the devas and asuras, many things came up,
both auspicious, like Lakshmi, and inauspicous, like the hAlAhala poison.]

Om Tat Sat

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