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Subbuji - PraNAms

Thanks for the slokas and the humor sloka. There is another one that Paramarthanandaji quotes regarding staying in the in-laws house for long. I do not remember the sloka but if you know you can post it. 

The message is do not stay in your father-in-laws place for too long just because they treated you very well for the first three days, thinking that Lord Vishnu took his abode in his father-in-laws place (ksheerasaagaram) and Lord Shiva took his abode in his father-in-laws pace (Himalayas). 

Recently Swami Tejomayanandaji said a joke in his lectures on how a mother alone can understand the prattling of her child. She can differentiate the cries - whether it is for food or whether it is for pain or whether it is for tiresome – this is in connection with thanking the Lord for blessing with such a mother who can understand my meaningless language when I was a baby. 

One small child was talking to a guest who overstayed. The guest could not understand what the child was saying. He asked the mother if she understood the language. She said with a smile, of course I do, it is so clear. The guest wanted to know what the child was saying. The mother replied - the child is only asking again and again when you are leaving? - The mother replied. 

Hari Om!

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