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Namaste Anand ji,

Thanks for giving the details of the various kRcchra-s.  On the whole it
appears that a kRcchra is a generic name for 'anashanam' or denying food to
oneself or fasting and there are several types in this.  Since 'chAndrAyana'
is also a method of fasting for penance / praayashchittam purpose, could it
be said that this is also a type of kRcchra?

The verse I quoted recently,

दिने दिने  च वेदान्तश्रवणात् भक्तिसंयुतात् ।
गरुशुश्रूषया लब्धात् कृच्छ्राशीतिफलं लभेत् ॥

is quoted by Sri Appayya Dikshita in the 'siddhAnta lesha sangraha', 3rd
pariccheda.  Still, the source of this verse is unknown.

Best regards,

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 7:48 AM, Anand Hudli <ahudli at gmail.com> wrote:

> >I dont have my books with me now but kR^icchra is something where one
> survives
> >only by drinking water for one day,
> The kR^icchra penances are described in various texts. For example, the
> Manu
> Smriti (11.211-215) has the following description of PrAjApatya and other
> kR^icchra's :
>  tryahaM praatastryahaM saayaM tryahamadyaadayaachitam.h |
> tryahaM paraM cha naashniiyaat.h praajaapatyaM charan.h dvijaH ||
> The PrAjApatya kR^icchra requires that one eat (once) only in the morning
> during the first three days, in the evening only during the next three
> days,
> once (food offered) unasked during the next three days, and fast completely
> during the last set of three days. This is a twelve day penance.
> gomuutraM gomayaM kshiiraM dadhi sarpiH kushodakam.h |
> ekaraatropavaasashcha kR^ichchhraM saa.ntapanaM smR^itam.h ||
> The sAntapana kR^icchra requires that one subsist on Panchagavya
> (combination of cow's urine, cowdung, milk, curds, and ghee) and Kusha
> water
> for a day and night.
> ekaikaM graasamashniiyaat.h tryahaaNi triiNi puurvavat.h |
> tryahaM chopavasedantyamatikR^ichchhraM charan.h dvijaH ||
> The atikR^icchra requires that one eat only a single morsel during each of
> the first three sets of three days mentioned above, and completely fast
> during the last set of three days.
> taptakR^ichchhraM charan.h vipro jalakshiiraghR^itaanilaan.h |
>  pratitryahaM pibedushhNaan.h sakR^itsnaayii samaahitaH ||
> One must subsist on hot water, hot milk, hot ghee, and hot air (each at a
> time) during a three day period and bathe once a day with concentrated
> mind.
> This is tapta kR^icchra.
> yataatmano.apramattasya dvaadashaahamabhojanam.h |
> paraako naama kR^ichchhro.ayaM sarvapaapaapanodanaH ||
> Controlling himself and making no mistakes, a person must fast for twelve
> days. This is the parAka kR^icchra that removes all sin.
> Anand
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