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Dear Rajaram,

Here are some references on the topic of Veda, Vedic ritual, etc. from the
point of view of Veda samrakshaNam:

For example, in the Bhashya for the Ishavasyopanishad 9, at the end Shankara
says: न हि शास्त्रविहितं किञ्चिदकर्तव्यतामियात् [Nothing enjoined by the
scriptures can be unworthy of performance.]
 The Bhashya in the Brihadaranyka Upanishad 4.4.22 where the mantra: तमेतं
वेदानुवचनेन ब्राह्मणा विविदिषन्ति यज्ञेन दानेन तपसा अनाशकेन
[The *bRRihadAraNyaka upaniShad* (4.4.22) says: '*tametam vedAnuvachanena
brAhmaNA vividiShanti, yajnena dAnena tapasA anAshakena*'

The *brAhmaNa-s* seek to know It through the study of the *veda-s*,
sacrifices, charity and austerity consisting in a dispassionate enjoyment of
itself speaks volumes on Shankara's respect, regard and devotion to the veda
pUrva bhAga.  He concludes the discussion thus: एवं कर्मकाण्डेन अस्य
एकवाक्यतावगतिः [In this manner, that is, the relevance of the Veda
PUrva-prescribed nitya karma that are meant for acquiring chitta shuddhi,
the Moksha-teaching Jnana KANda becomes aligned as one 'complete shAstra'.]
Thus, for Shankara, the Veda pUrva bhAga is an indispensable element in the
attaining of the goal of the Upanishads.

Shankara's devotion to the Veda can be known from this passage where even as
an example for ideal speech He says:

यथा ’शान्तो भव वत्स, स्वाध्यायं योगं च अनुतिष्ठ, तथा ते श्रेयो भविष्यति’
इति। स्वाध्यायाभ्यसनं चैव यथाविधि वाङ्मयं तप उच्यते । (Bh.Gita Bhashyam

//That utterance which is *true *as also* not hurtful,* and is *agreeable *
and* beneficial*, is the highest austerity of speech: As for example, the
utterance, 'Be calm, my boy. Practise *study* and yoga. Thereby you will
gain the highest.'Svaadhyaaya-abhyasanam, the practice of the study of
scriptures, as is enjoined; ca eva, as well; ucyate, in said to be; tapah,
austerity; vangmayam, of speech.//

The article available here:


is full of references to karma yoga for which the Veda is the basis, can be
referred as a fine input /source on Veda, the importance of it and the need
to protect it.  This article contains a very fine writing by Swami
Vidyaranya on the role of Veda-vihita karma yoga in generating relish for

In the Kathopanishad bhashya 1.3.14 Shankara says:

नहि उपेक्षितव्यमिति श्रुतिरनुकम्पयाह मातृवत् ।  [ the //Veda, like a mother,
says with great compassion, 'ever neglect the Vedic teaching of the need for
making all efforts for gaining Self-knowledge'.//

In Kathopanishad bhashya, 2.1.15 Shankara says:

मातृपितृसहस्रेभ्योऽपि हितैषिणा वेदेनोपदिष्टम् आत्मैकत्वदर्शनं ....

//The vision of the Oneness of the Self has been taught by the Veda that is
a benefactor more than even a thousand mothers and fathers..//

The Brahma Sutras 3.4.25 and 26 also talk of the importance of Veda pUrva
bhAga for the evolving of the jiva to finally take up Atma sadhana and
attain liberation.  The Shankara Bhashya for these sutras is also very
instructive of the role of the Veda.

At present there is an initiative in Bangalore where a institution is
engaged in conducting Veda pAraayaNam of the four Veda-s.  They aim to do
1000 pAraayaNams.  They do it this way:

If a sponsor comes forward, they will depute the appropriate scholars to do
the Rg or Yajur or Sama or atharva veda parayanam at the sponsor's house or
a designated place like a temple.  The parayanam of the entire Veda of that
shAkha will take about 6 -7 days.  The amount for sponsoring is Rs.10,000.
Already several persons have sponsored this at their homes or in the
Sringeri Shankara Mutt.  The initiative is aimed at Veda-samrakShaNam and
bringing about awareness amongst Brahmins about the need for protecting the
Veda and studying it formally, too.  Even people outside Bangalore can
participate in this movement by sponsoring one or more Veda pAraayaNams in
the designated places.  In case anyone is interested, I can be contacted
privately and I shall provide further details.  I myself will be sponsoring
one Yajurveda pAraayaNam in the coming days.

The Sringeri Acharyas have always been doing their best for the cause of
Veda, Veda vihita karma.  An earlier Acharya used to tell the householder
employees of the Peetham:  'A number of people donate money to this
Peetham.  It is the duty of people here to do their vihita karma sincerely
and return to the people by way of puNyam.'

Mutts support poeple engaged in agnihotram regularly.  Vedic scholars are
continuously honoured and several receive life-long pension too from Mutts,
Tirupati Devasthanam etc.

I think the above inputs will be helpful in knowing about the importance of
Veda, Vedic rituals, the efforts of Mutts, etc. in this endeavor.
With warm regards,

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> Hare Krishna. I would like to know references in sruti, smrti and works of
> advaita acharyas on the importance of protecting vedic chanting and
> rituals.
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