[Advaita-l] Vedasamrakshanam / Qn. on 'Nirukta'

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I am notifying a correction in my earlier post:

In my earlier post on VedasamrakshaNam, a quotation given by me is:

In the Kathopanishad bhashya 1.3.14 Shankara says:
नहि उपेक्षितव्यमिति श्रुतिरनुकम्पयाह मातृवत् ।  [ the //Veda, like a mother,
says with great compassion, 'ever neglect the Vedic teaching of the need for
making all efforts for gaining Self-knowledge'.//

In the above, the word 'ever' is to be read as 'never'.

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On the 'Nirukta':

Dear Sri Anand ji,

Thanks for the clarification about the 'chAndrAyana'.

I am looking for a good translation of the following verse from the Nirukta:

य आतृणत्त्यवितथेन कर्णावदुःखं कुर्वन्नमृतं संप्रयच्छन् |
तं मन्येत पितरं मातरं च तस्मै न द्रुह्येत कतमच्चनाह || (Nirukta 2.1.4)

The meaning I have at present is:

(That guru, who without in any way causing sorrow opens the (shut) ears (of
his students) through the eternal vedic knowledge which is the cause of
liberation, should be thought of as father and mother.)


Here is a link to the exposition of the Kathopanishat Part 2 uploaded in the
Advaita Academy:


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