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Veda says "Tasya pratima nasti". Lord Krishna says "Pratima alpabuddhinam". This means that the custom of Pratima puja could have come into vogue at a later date.

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> ... why are those Brahmins who worship in Temples given a "lower" status?
> Is it the case all over India, or is it only in Tamilnadu?

There is no clear answer to the why, but such grouping in the social hierarchy

If I remember right, there is a prohibition by manu, against inviting a temple priest
for partaking of the food at annual SrAddha observances for the ancestors.
The Samskrita kosa (for example Amara kosa) does not put a devala in Brahma varga.......atleast during some time in the past this understanding should have come into vogue....


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