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Sivaanandalahari - 90वचसा चरितं वदामि शंभो-
रह-मुद्योग-विद्यासु तेऽप्रसक्‍त: ।
मनसाकृति-मीश्‍वरस्य सेवे
शिरसा चैव सदाशिवं नमामि ॥ ९० ॥

vachasA charitaM vadAmi SaMBo-
raha-mudyoga-vidyAsu te&prasak^ta: |
manasAkRuti-mISvarasya seve
SirasA chaiva sadASivaM namAmi || 90 ||

I narrate your stories with words as I am not proficient in superior yoga
methods. In my mind I pray to you, Iswara and worship your holy form and bow
to you Oh! Sadasiva.


*aham* = I;
*thE* = concerning you;
*udhyOgavidhaasu *= to do upaasana with a firm mind;
*aprasaktha:* = not in the habit;
*vachasaa* = by speech;
*sambhO* = Sambhu who is the mangaLan;
*charitham *= history;
*vadhaami* = I say;
*manasaa* = by the mind;
*easwarasya* = of ParamEswara;
*aakruthim* = the roopam;
*sEvE *= I prostrate;
*sirasaa cha* = with my head;
*sadhaasiva eva* = you the mangaLamoorthy with Paarvathi;
*namaami* = do my namaskaaram.

Hey! ParamEswara! I am unable to do nigraham of my mind through which to do
anusandhaanam with akandaakaara vritthi that you are non-different from my
aathmaswaroopam.  I do not also know to do shOdachOpachaara pooja.  I have
no parichaya in these things.  Therefore, Hey! Saambasivaa! I am constantly
listening to your dhivya charitham only.  In my mind I am constantly doing
dhyaanam of your mangaLa vigraham.

In this way, I have surrendered my vaak, manas and siras to you.  With your
indescribable kindness please give me your aruL to have my janma attain

Anyone who chants this sloka in Sivasannidhi and do a namaskaaram will
attain dhivya gnyaanam.

Aum SmbhO MahaadhEva!

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