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Sivaanandalahari - 91आद्याऽविद्या हृद्गता निर्गतासी-
द्विद्या हृद्या हृद्गता त्वत्प्रसादात् ।
सेवे नित्यं श्रीकरं त्वत्पदाब्जं
भावे मुक्‍ते-र्भाजनं राजमौले ॥ ९१ ॥

AdyA&vidyA hRudgatA nirgatAsI-
dvidyA hRudyA hRudgatA tvatprasAdAt |
seve nityaM SrIkaraM tvatpadAbjaM
BAve muk^te-rBAjanaM rAjamaule || 91 ||

Oh Lord who has shining moon at the head, with Your Grace I got rid of the
ignorance living in my heart from the beginning and knowledge of resolving
difficult problems has started residing in my heart. I always pray to your
lotus feet which gives good things and is the repository of liberation.


**heY raajamoulE* = Hey! Chandrasekhara!
*thvathprasaadhaath* = by your prasaadham;
*hruthghathaa* = that has been found in my heart;
*aadhyaa* = that which was in the beginning;
*avidhyaa* = the root ignorance;
*nirghathaa* =  to leave;
*aaseeth(u)* = it has happened;
*hhrudhyaa* = that which gives aanandha to the mind;
*vidhyaa* = the brahma vidhyaa;
*hrudhghathaa* = it has come to the mind;
*sreekaram* = that which gives the aiswaryam;
*mukthE:* = to mOksha;
*bhaajanam* = it has become the abode;
*thwathpaadhaabjam* = your two paadhaabjams;
*nithyam *= daily;
*sEvE *= I do worship.

He! ParamEswara!  Without your prasaadham praaNis can never get mOksha

The sruthi 'Easaana: sarvavidhyaanaam', the smrithi 'gnyaanam
mahEswaraadhichEth' and the saasthra 'sivaprasaadhEna vinaa na mukthi:' -
all join together and proclaim that in order to attain the advaitha gnyaanam
which is the mOksha saadhanam only ParamEswara's prasaadham remains the
antharanga saadhanam.  Therefore with akhandaakaara vritthi gnyaanam in the
mind if one does the dhyaanam on the mangaLa vigraham of ParamEswara with
Siva panchaakshara manthra then such aaraadhana would become a upaayam for
attaining the superior srEyas. There cannot be a more clearer statement than

Therefore, Hey! ParamEswara! by your prasaadham the beginningless moola
avidhya in the mind has vanished.  Thus my mind has become pure and
nirmalam.  At the same time the Brahma gnyaanam has also attained the mind.
Because of this I have been doing the dhyaanam ceaselessly with aathma prEma
of your charanaaravindham that gives the boundless Aiswarya Raajalakshmi and
MOksha.  The aanandham that is filled in my mind as a result cannot be
explained with words.

Therefore, Hey! ParamEswara! Let me have this bhaagyam of your smaraNam for
ever and ever.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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