[Advaita-l] CHANDI HOMA

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Feb 4 22:00:45 CST 2010

Hare Krishna

Like all other homam-s, chandi hOma too is done with the purpose of Adi 
bhautika, Adi daivika & AdhyAtmika development of the 
'kartru'...Traditionally we believe that by performing chandi hOma, devi 
would be pleased & she removes all obstacles in our material (sAmsArika) & 
spiritual (adhyAtmika) path...Since devi is mAtru svarUpiNi, she is  well 
known as 'kshipra prasAdini' she gives health (rOga nivAraNa), wealth 
(Ishvarya), longevity (deeghAyushya) etc. etc. In mahA saMkalpa of chandi 
hOma itself we give a very big list of benefits that we are going to get 
by performing this hOma.  Durga saptashati (700 slOka-s) is the main slOka 
with svahAkAra we use to offer 'gudAnna' (jaggery rice) to chandi mAta. 
But please note, this hOma is not like any other small scale hOma, your 
purse should be very healthy first to even think of it :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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