[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 95

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Sivaanandalahari - 95अतिमृदुलौ मम चरणावतिकठिनं ते मनो भवानीश ।
इति विचिकित्सां सन्त्यज कथमासीद्गिरौ तथा प्रवेश: ॥ ९५ ॥

atimRudulau mama charaNAvatikaThinaM te mano BavAnISa |
iti vichikitsAM santyaja kathamAsIdgirau tathA praveSa: || 95 ||

Oh Lord Shiva, Oh consort of BhavAni, forget the doubts in your mind that
"My feet are very soft; your mind is very hard;" If so how was it possible
for you to enter the mountains and move around ?


*hE siva = Hey! Mangalaswaroopa!
hE bhavaaneesa = Hey! BhavaanipathE!
thE = your;
charaNow = lotus feet;
athimrudhulou = very soft;
mama = my;
mana: = mind;
athikatinam = very hard;
ithi = like this;
vichikithsaam = doubt;
samthyaja = leave out root and stem;
thathaa = that very hard;
girhou = in the mountain;
vEsma = living there;
katham = how;
aaseeth(u) = happened (you tell me).

Hey! BhavaanipathE!  Hey! ParamEswara! Hey! ParamporuE!  You are thinking
that your feet are soft and my mind is hard.  I have to ask you to give up
that thought.  You are saying that it is difficult for you to roam on hard
grounds.  I won't believe this.  If it really difficult for you to walk on
hard surface then would you be going in strides on the difficult terrains of
Kailash?  Therefore you should not hesistate to roam in my mind.  Then only
my janma will get its chaapalyam.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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