[Advaita-l] drushti and satya

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Tue Feb 9 06:49:28 CST 2010


> Ofcourse, shankara at various places in his prasthAna trayi bhAshya makes 
> clear distinction between naive view of reality (lOka drushti) and 
> vedAntic view of the same (shAstra drushti)...shankara also calls these 
> two view points as vyAvahArika drushti (transactional view point) & 
> pAramArthika drushti (transcedental view point). But nowhere he hints 
> about the existence of vyAvahArika, prAtibhAsika & pAramArthika satya to 
> give us the impression that there exists gradations in reality!!

It is, of course, a very useful and important caution to distinguish
between dRshTi and satya, but I would be even more careful before
stating that Sankara nowhere says this or that. If there is one thing
that I have learnt in reading through the various bhAshya-s, it is to
expect the AcArya to surprise the reader in unexpected ways! Often,
we make a big deal out of issues which he doesn't seem to care much
about. On the other hand, there are other issues that seem very
important for his discussion but have lost their edge with time.


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