[Advaita-l] Sivaanandalahari - 96

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Sivaanandalahari - 96धैर्यांकुशेन निभृतं
रभसादाकृष्य भक्‍तिश्रृंखलया ।
पुरहर चरणालाने
हृदय-मदेभं बधान चिद्यन्त्रै: ॥ ९६ ॥

dhairyAMkuSena niBRutaM
raBasAdAkRuShya Bak^tiSrRuMkhalayA |
purahara charaNAlAne
hRudaya-madeBaM badhAna chidyantrai: || 96 ||

Oh Lord who destroyed three cities, Please pull fast the rutting elephant of
my mind, controlled by the goad of courage with the chain of bhakti and tie
it to the loom of your holy feet with the fetter of intellect.


*hE purahara *= Hey! the destroyer of the Tripura!
*hrudhayamadhEbham* = my mind called the crazy elephant;
*dhairyaankusEna* = with courage called ankusam;
*rabhasaath* = swiftly;
*aakrushya* = make it your swaadheenam;
*bhakthisrungalayaa* = with the bakthi as the chain;
*charaNaalaanE* = in your lotus feet as the pillar;
*chidhyanthrai:*  = with Brahma Gnaanam as the yanthra;
*nibhrutha* = without any ability to move;
*badhaana *= tie it!

Hey! ParamEswara! You should not get the idea that my mind is saadhu.  You
should know it as a crazy elephant running amok.  I cannot carry on with my
life even for one single moment.  This mind will make my precious janma
vipalam in a very short time.  This elephant of my mind is always roaming in
this impermanent world.

Therefore, Hey! ParamEswara! With the angusam called courage you should make
this mad elephant of my mind to your swaadheenam.  You should tie this
elephant of my mind in the permanent sthaaNu (pillar) of your lotus feet
with the chain called bhakthi.  With the brahma gnaanam as the yanthra you
should lock it so it cannot stir at all.  When this happens my janma will
get its chaapalyam.  Please do this arul for me.

AachaaryaaL emphasises that only through ParamEswara's anugraham can one
attain brahma gnaanam.  To attain the purushaartha called mOksham
manOnigraham is the antharanga saadhanam.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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