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Sivaanandalahari - 99इदं ते युक्‍तं वा परमशिव कारुण्यजलधे
गतौ तिर्यग्रूपं तव पदशिरो-दर्शन-धिया ।
हरिब्रह्माणौ तौ दिवि भुवि चरन्तौ श्रमयुतौ
कथं शांभो स्वामिन् कथय मम वेद्योसि पुरत: ॥ ९९ ॥

idaM te yuk^taM vA paramaSiva kAruNyajaladhe
gatau tiryagrUpaM tava padaSiro-darSana-dhiyA |
haribrahmANau tau divi Buvi charantau Sramayutau
kathaM SaaMBo svAmin kathaya mama vedyosi purata: || 99 ||

Oh Lord ParamaShiva, Oh ocean of mercy,in order to find your feet and the
hair Brahma and VishNu took the form of a bird and an animal and became
tired after searching in the sky and the earth. Oh. Shambo the grantor of
auspicious things, Oh God, How have you become so easy to be seen and
recognised by me? Is it proper for you ?


**hE paramasiva* = Hey! ParamEswara!
*kaaruNyajalathE* = Hey! Limitless ocean of Mercy!
*thava* = your;
*padhasirOdharsanadhiyaa *= with the buddhi to do dharshanam of the head and
the feet;
*thiryagroopam* = taking the form of varaakam and annapakshi of the pasu and
pakshi jaathis;
*ghathou* = those of who attained these forms;
*thow* = of such mahimaas;
*haribrahmaaNow *= Hari and Brahma;
*dhivi* = in the sky;
*bhuvi* = in the depth of bhoolOka;
*charanthO *= having been the chanchaaris;
*sramayuthow* = were tired;
*atha:* = therefore;
*hE sambhO* = Hey! MangalakaranE;
*hE swaamin *= Hey! Swaamin!
*mama* = my;
*puratha:* = before;
*katham* = how;
*vedhya:* = be a knower;
*asi* = you be;
*kathaya* = please tell;
*idham* = this act;
*thE* = to you;
*yuktham vaa* = is it appropriate; is it nyaayam?

Hey! ParamasivakaaruNyajalathE = With the buddhi to have your paadha
dharsanam saakshaath Mahaavishnu took the form of a boar and dug deep into
the earth.  In the same way thapO moorthy Brahma took the form of a swan and
flew up in the sky taking with him bilva dhaLams to do archana on your
head.  They did this digging and flying for thousands of years but were only
tired but never reached their objective.  Thus being beond the reach of
these great devaas such as Hari and Brahma, have you ever thought that you
now stand before me in full splendour knowing full well that I am far
asakthan compared to these greatest of the devaas? Are you right in doing
this?  How can you justify this to those Brahmaadhi Devathaas?

>From this pleading of our AachaaryaaL it is clear that he is hilighting the
fact that ParamEswara is paraadheenan and Siva will do anything for the
bhakthaas.  Simply he is adhisulabhan is the siddhaantham.  Hey! SambO!  How
can I describe the Ocean of Mercy that you are!  You are the temple of

What is important to know is that sakala praaNis should give up doing
aaraadhana to alpa dhEvathaas but worship Paramasivaa with endless bhakthi
and have layam in the KaruNaajalam of Sambhu.  This alone is the superior
palan of having attained the human birth.

Whoever chants this slOka and does a namaskaaram in Sivasannidhi will
certainly find their layam in Sivaswaroopam.

Aum Namasivaaya!

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