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El feb 17, 2010, a las 8:33 p.m., Sunil Bhattacharjya escribió:

> Dear Senaniji,
> Sorry to have to point out that Shri Madhvacharya did write commentaries on Upanishads.

That is correct, but it does bring up an interesting point, which is that our knowledge of many of the earlier (esp. pre-Sankaran) commentators on the Upanishads is very meager indeed.  In many instances, we can guess their positions by seeing representations of the same in responses by Sankara, Sureshvara, etc., but the direct texts, or even other information on what was evidently even then a rich textual tradition, are not available.

One interesting question to which I do not know the answer is whether Bhaskara (the Vedantin, not the mathematician) wrote any Upanishad commentaries.  He is best known for a BSB, and is also known to have written a commentary on the 'Gita, which is referred to by later authors and of which a fragment has been published.  However, it is not clear which, if any, Upanishads he commented on.  Certainly nothing seems to have been published, but there may be citations in available works, or manuscripts that someone has observed.


Shrisha Rao

> Sunil K. Bhattachyarjya 

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