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> Perhaps my earlier posting on Sivaanandhalahari dealing with this subject
> in
> three parts may be of help.


> .  Advaitha teaches us that giving up the intellect enables one
> to become one with this Reality.
I think it has already been pointed that what is to be given up is not
intellect but misconceptions of the intellect. With intellect only one has
to realize. Without the intellect - one is as good as animal - budhyaa
vihiinaaH pashubhi samaanaaH - says niiti vaakyam.
With mind alone one need to realize. without the mind reflecting the
illuminating consciousness, one cannot recognize the all pervading light of
consciousness. With mirro alone one can see the face - one should not
misunderstand that image is the real. Similalry with the reflecting
consciousness in the intellect, one has to use viveka to shift attention to
the original using that very reflection. That is what nitya anitya vastu
viveka involves. Giving up the image as not the original is sanyaasa.
Shifting attention to the orginal using the image reflection is yoga.

The mithyaa aspect discussed was from adviata siddhi - definitions of

Hope this helps

Hari Om!

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