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[Sir, pl. note that for carrying on in this world the Jnani definitely 
the mind.  Supposing he is writing a book.  Will he not consult several
other books and select and reject material?  How is this possible without 
mind?  How will he distinguish between what is required for him from what 
not?  If he has to show compassion, care, etc. to others, how will this be
possible without the mind?  Bhagavan has taught in the Gita that these are
all faculties of the mind. If he  is an Acharya, a shortriya 
how can he teach various students of various levels unless he 
discriminates, etc.  It is a wrong notion that the jnani would have no

According to the Vedanta, prarabdha karma is the one where the present
body-mind complex that has begun will run its destined course and only 
cease.  How can we admit that only the physical body of the Jnani without
the mind will continue? ]

Hare Krishna

What a great dictation on the  jnAni & his activities!!  It again clearly 
shows how deeply we entangled in body, mind, intellect compartment...Just 
we cannot think beyond it & we, with our conditioned mind set, donot ready 
to discount these compartment even in brahma jnAni also!! what a pity!! 
BTW, y'day Sri Subbu prabhuji has given 'kombu' example & explained how 
'kombu' also thrown after its usage...But what he is telling above is 
completely different...If this 'kombu' ( in dAshtrAntika 'the mind') is 
kept for the personal usage to rectify the problem of other 'kombu-s' then 
this kombu beholder is NOT an ekamevAdviteeya brahmajnAni, he is just like 
any other mortal with some special power of messages in his 'kombu' to 
guide other 'kombu-s' in right direction.. thats it :-))  that means he is 
not a jnAni, he is mere good preacher/ orator / writer with sound 
philosophical background..

But our scriptures say, brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati...does this brahma has 
the individual notion?? does this brahma has individual mind??  It is only 
we, the mundane mortals making the difference between jnAni & brahma ( I 
am aware of the previous arguments on this line) to declare every jnAni is 
brahman but brahman is NOT jnAni it is because, we are seeing the jnAni 
with his nAma & rUpa and assuming that even jnAni also has the individual 
mind & ego!!  To make this further to our comfort, we are ready to even 
attribute 'avidyA lesha' to this jnAni till his physical body lasts...

I dont want to drag this issue further, just I'd like to quote which Sri 
Sunder prabhuji recently posted from ramaAna works :

// quote //

The jiva [the individual person], the world and God, all of these are 
relative ideas. So long as there is the individual sense of 'I', these 
three are also there.

>From this individual sense of 'I', from the mind, these three have
arisen. If you stop the mind, the three will not remain, but Brahman alone 
will remain, as it remains and abides even now. We see things because of 
an error. This misperception will be rectified by enquiring into the real 
nature of this jiva. Even if the jiva enters Supermind, it will remain in 
mind, but after surrendering the mind, there will be nothing left but 
Brahman. Whether this world is real or unreal, consciousness or inert, a 
place of happiness or a place
of misery, all these states arise in the state of ignorance. They are not 
useful after realisation.

The state of Atmanishta [being fixed in the Self], devoid of the
individual feeling of 'I', is the supreme state. In this state there is no 
room for thinking of objects, nor for this feeling of individual being. 
There is no doubt of any kind in this natural state of 
// unquote //
If the jnAni cuts the vegetables at the kitchen, it is only in the view of 
on lookers this 'kriya/action' is on!!  , it does not mean that jnAni is 
identifying himself with a cook :-)) Likewise, if jnAni doing 
brahmOpadesha to the ajnAni-s, it is only in the mind of onlookers who 
wrongly thinking that jnAni has the individual body & mind to do this 
preaching job...but as far as jnAni is concerned, he is ONE and 
ALL...there is no distinction between jnAni & ajnAni in his samyak 'eka 
rUpa darshana'.
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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