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Sadara pranAm,
I was also confounded by all these kinds of useless deliberations in my
college days.My sanskrit master whom I met accidentaly advised me to study
Sriramakrishna- Vivekananda literature  which ofcourse
cleared most of the doubts.you casn also try this!

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 12:44 PM, krishna koundinya <cosmonautkk at gmail.com>wrote:

> Pranam,
>             I am Krishna. I am new to Spirituality. I was an athiest
> but by the lord's gracethe truth dawned on me. I am a smartha brahmin
> and that is why I am interested in Advaita. Well coming to the point I
> have some doubts on Advaita Vedanta which I am hoping to get them
> clarified by the blesses vipras. Please forgive me for my insolance
> and ignorance and if at all some statements may cause Guru Ninda then
> please do forgive me.
> http://nitaai.net/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1670
> 1) Classification of Puranas is found in Padma Purana:
> shAstrANyapi cha sarvANi trividhAni mahAmate ||
> yAni satyavaraM viShNuM vadanti parameshvaram.h |
> tAni shAstrANi sarvANi sAtvikAni matAni vai ||
> prajApatiM kR^ishAnuM cha tathA devIM sarasvatIm.h |
> paratvena vadachChAstraM rAjasaM parichaxate ||
> yachChAstraM liN^gapAramyaM vAmadevamumApatim.h |
> tamaH pravartakaM vakti tattAmasamudAhR^itam.h ||
> Satvic Puranas - Srimad Bhagavatham, Vishnu, Varaha, Garuda,
> Brhad-Nardiya, Padma
> Rajasic Puranas - Brahma, Brahmavaivarta, Brahmananda, Bhavisya,
> Surya, Markendaya
> Tamasic Puranas - Shiva, Linga, Skanda, Kurma, Vamana, Agni
> The ISKON, dwaita, vishishtadwaita n other sampradays state these
> verses we should pray only to Vishnu( dwaita buddhi that shiva n
> vishnu are not the same parabrahman). They say that it is ghora papa
> to equate lord Vishu with other devas. How far this true ?.Please
> provide Pramanas from "sattvic Puranas" so that this can be
> successfully driven in the peoples mind.
> 2) This is even more disturbing..After reading this I felt like I have
> done great Dosha against my guru Adi Shankara. I need clarification on
> these..
>     These verses are found in Padma Purana.
> mAyAvAdamasachchAstraMprachchannaMbauddha ucyate |
> mayaivakathitaMdevikalaubrAhmaNarUpiNA || Pa Pur 6.236.7 ||
> The doctrine of MAyA (illusion) is a wicked doctrine and said to be
> pseudo-Buddhist. I myself, of the form of a brAhmana, proclaimed it in
> Kali (age). (padma puraaNa, uttara-khaNDa, 236.7)
> apaarthaMshrutivAkyAnAMdarshayanlokagarhitam |
> svakarmarUpaMtyAjyatvamatraivapratipaadhyate || Pa Pur 6.236.8 ||
> It shows the meaninglessness of the words of the holy texts and is
> condemned in the world. In this (doctrine) only the giving up of one's
> own duties is expounded. (padma puraaNa, uttara-khaNDa, 236.8)
> sarvakarmaparibhraShTairvaidharmmatvaMtaduchyate |
> pareshajiivapAraikyaMmayAtupratipAdhyate || Pa Pur 6.236.9 ||
> And that is said to be religiousness by those who have fallen from all
> duties. I have propounded the identity of the Highest Lord and the
> (individual) soul. (padma PuraaNa, uttara-khaNDa, 236.9)
> brahmaNosyasvayaMmrUpaMnirguNaMvakshyate mayA |
> sarvasyajagatopyatramohanAarthaMkalauyuge || Pa Pur 6.236.10 ||
> vedArthavanmahAshAstraMmAyayAyadavaidikam |
> mayaivakalpitaMdevijagatANAshakAraNAt || Pa Pur 6.236.11 ||
> I stated this Brahman's nature to be qualityless. O goddess, I myself
> have conceived, for the destruction of the worlds, and for deluding
> the world in this Kali age, the great doctrine resembling the purport
> of the Vedas, (but) non-Vedic due to the principle of Maayaa
> (illusion) (present in it). (padma puraaNa 236.10-11)
> 3) It is stated that in Sumadhva Vijaya that Ananda Theertha( Sri
> Madhwacharya) found 32 mistakes in the very 1st sloka that he learnt
> in his gurukul days which is based on Advaita and he defeated and
> converted his GURU to his doctrine dwaita. How are we supposed to
> believe this and interpret this and how that Sri Shankara make
> mistakes which is not possible.
> 4) Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu who is an avatar of Sri Krishna paramatma
> said that one who reads Shankara Bhashya of Brahma Sutras will be
> deluded and eventually ruined. But in Madhava-Vidyaranya Shankara
> Vijaya clearly states the episode wherein Bhagavan Ved Vyas and Sri
> Shankara discuss Brahma Sutras and Sri Padmapadacharya discloses this
> event. After this Bhagwan Ved Vyas himself certifies that Sri Shankara
> is the only one who correctly understood the meaning of his Brahma
> Sutras and granted 16 additioanal years to Sri Shankara for the
> propoganda of Advaita.
> 5) There are so many shankara Vijayas written but Madhava-Vidyaranya
> Shankara Vijaya is treated as the official one. In one of the Shankara
> Vijaya it is stated that the Acharya lived up to 60 years ( in other
> editions it is 32 years). Some scholars interpret this as the latter
> one is Abhinava Shankara and not Adi Shankara bhagavatpadacharya. Is
> this true?
> 6) It is clear from the Guru parampara that Gaudapadacharya is none
> other that the great Patanjali maharishi who is an amsha of Adi
> Shesha, but at the same time Srimad Ramanujacharya is also an amsha of
> Adi Shesha. How come the same Adi Shesha who taught advaita to Govinda
> Bhagavatpadacharya deny advaita and form Vishistadvaita?
> 7) In Anushasanaparva of mahabharatha Sri Krishna Paramatma declares
> the supremacy of Lord Shiva by taking Shiva Deeksha from Upamanyu
> maharishi, but in the later part of mahabharatha he states that when
> ever he worships anya devata he is actually worshipping the Antrayami
> Narayana so no problem with that. If this is true then this is dwaita,
> How do we prove this with pramanas this in adviata marga.
> 8) may the lord forgive me for saying this but ISKON, dwaita and other
> sampradayas directly attack advaita by calling it 'Mayavada"
> philosophy and this should be shunned. It is said that a vaishnava who
> even sees such a mayavadi should jump in a nearby river and get
> purified..This is very painful to me. I want some clarification as to
> why so many sampradays have formed when only Advaita was ruling during
> Sri Shankara's period.
> 9) When Acharya went to varansi everyone is familiar with the
> manishapanchakam episode, the other sampradayas say that Adi Shankara
> was deluded and so he asked the chandala( who is lord shiva himself)
> to move aside. How is it possible for the acharya who is always in the
> Atman state be deluded when Adi shanka is none other that Lord Shiva
> himself.?
> 10) It is said that Sri Madhusudhana Saraswati in his classic work
> "advaitasiddhi"  cleared all the misconceptions posed by madhvas and
> successfully defeated them. Please provide verses from it which prove
> the truth of "Advaita Vedanta" and how can all the great acharyas of
> other sampradayas who achieved great heights do not accept Advaita?
> Please clear the misconceptions of this ignorant soul...
> Thank You in advance....
> Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.!!!
> Bhava Shanakra Desikame Sharanam...!!!
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