[Advaita-l] some questions on Adaita vedanta

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Mon Oct 11 07:35:48 CDT 2010

Sri Shivarama Ramakrishnan in his Email had asked for the details of the
book publishedregarding a civil case by the Uttaradhimutt
head,Sathyadhyana theertha in the 1930's.The name of this publication
which is in Kannada is "Asathyadhwantha Bhaskara',which is actually a
debate between the Dwaitins in Madhwacharya followers and the
Adwaitins.The Dwaitins were vadis and the Adwaitins were the
Prativadins.The Adwaitins were the eminent Vedanta scholars of those
days.This was presided by the Utaradhimutt head.In that book,all the
objections advanced by the Dwaitins against Adwaitins are beautifully
the explanations have been given.A book in Tamil as also published during
the same date.Perhaps the availability of these books are rare.i had the
book in both Kannada and Tamil in the toen shape and later I unfortunately
lost them.If one is lucky the careful collector of these book may have
them.I send my appeal to the Adwaitins in the lists whether they possess
Thanking You,
Shankaracharya sevasakta,                             N.srikanta.

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