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In his reply to Sri. Jaldharji,Sri.sunil Bhattacharyaji has given some
points on Lord Buddha and Shankara.The term "Maya" has given raise to many
doubts among the jigyasus.Buddha came much later than the vedic times and
the time of Sri Krishna.Infact there are many statements in Bhagawadgita
which point to this effect.Infact,the "sthitaprajnasya lakshanani"
contains many aspects about the Jnani and his characteristics.This is much
striking in contrast with the rest of the chapters in Bhagawadgita.No
where in the rest of the book Sri Krihna categorically discusses the
characteristics of a Jnani.From what has come as Buddhism oer the years,we
see that Buddhism later split into many schools,like,Yogacara vigyana
vada,Sunyavada,Vajrayana,etc.Nagarjuna and vasubandhu expounded their
respective schools and clained that theirs is what Buddha said.But none
knows the truth.The research on these schools continue till today.But,all
the followers of Buddhism claim that Buddha was enlightened.Shankara was
called a Praccanna Bauddha by other schools because he used the
word'"maya".But the difference in the use of this word by Buddha and
Shankara is very clear to any discerning scholar.Ramanuja and Vedanta
Desika use still blasphemous words on Shankara.Vedanta Desika calls
a "brama Bhikshu,Rahu mimamsaka,Chhadma veshadari",Etc.Madhwacharya
follows suit.The book,"Manimanjari"by Trivikrama panditacharya is a yellow
journal of his times.In his book"Paramata bhangham",vedanta Desika calls
Shankara as one who studied vedas in the shop of "Madhyamika",a reference
to Gaudapada,who was mistaken to be a Madhyamika buddhist by the scholars
of those days.If one  carefully studies,Gaudapada's,"Mandukyaupanishad
karikas",one can clearly see the difference between Adwaita and Buddhism.
Further,the word"Sunya"in Vishnu sahasranamam,means "lakshana sunya"on the
basis of the Shankara's commentary.In the north,Buddha has been accepted
as an avatar of Vishnu,in states of Bengal,orissa and to some extent in
andhra.Jayadeva in his song,"Jaya Jagadisha Hare" accords a place to
Buddha,as one who criticised Yajnas,as"nindati yajna vide..."No where we
find a criticism of Vedas or the Brahmins by Buddha in the "Nikayas'.He
calls a Brahmin,as "Samana".
Thanking You,                                       N.Srikanta.

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