[Advaita-l] Quesions on Adwaita vedanta

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Mon Oct 18 06:11:14 CDT 2010

Dear Sadanandaji.Sorry for this belated reply.You are right when you said
Vallabhacharya  lived in the !5th century.Ofcourse,Ramanuja belonged to
the 12 th century and Madhwacharya  came much later.But,Vallabhacharya was
a great Krishna Bhaktha and was responsible for the spread of Krishna
Bhakthi.He hailed from Andhra pradesh.It was Vallabhacharya who
sang:Adharam Madhuram,Nayanam Madhuram on Krishna,sang so beautifully by
M.S.Subbhulaksmi,in the raga Behag.Of course, he founded the Shuddhadwaita
school.It was Vallabhacharya who saw Krishna every where,endorsing the
Bhagawadgita,:Vasudevah sarvamiti sa Mahatma sudurlabhah!.Shankara
beautifully comments on this stanza,which is Adwaita.

Ramanuja makes Adwaita(Shankara)as Mahapurvapaksha.But,all his arguments
are not convincing.If Ramanuja takes only a part of Shankara's
commentary,where is the need for fixing Bhakthi as the ultimate than
Jnana,as held by Shankara?Infact,Ramanuja's school can be
called,"Vishista- dwaita than Vishistadwaita,because,he maintains the
difference between jivatma and Paramatma even in the Mukthi
state!Moreover,he holds kramamukthi than Shankara's Jivanmukthi.He says
that a jnani leaves his body by Archiradi marga when sruthis say that a
jnani attains sadyomukthi or jivanmukthi in this very life.That means
there are no jnanis who attained jivanmukthi!.As Swami Chinmayanandaji
says,for a Jnani there is no going and coming.He attains mukthi or Jnana
in this very life.
Thanking You,
Bhava Shankara Desika me Sharanam.                       N.Srikanta.

Bhava Shankara Desika me Sharanam.
Thanking You,                                   N.Srikanta.

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