[Advaita-l] Why should I believe in Adwaita vedanta over any other Philosophy?

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Tue Oct 19 05:38:20 CDT 2010

The above question has been posed by one of the subscibers to the list.I
am sure the subscribers to the list must have started with some question
or the other to come to Adwaita vedanta.The answer cannot be given
easily.We may say after reading the Upanishads,Bhagawadgita and
Brahmasutras and the
Bhashyas by Shankara on them.these are theoretical studies,which says what
Adwaita is about,but not what Adwaita actually is.All our time is passed
in the mudane activities,so no time is available to ponder over this
question.Just as shankara says in his Bhaja Govindam sloka:

Balastavat kreedasakthah!
tarunastavat taruni saktah!
Vrddastavat chintasaktah!
Parebrahmani kopi na saktah!

we are immersed in Maya of different kinds,cozily believing that all these
are real and permanent.Till something happens in our lifes to shake us
our slumber..We are disappointed in our belief we had till then.We then
begin to question.We started with an assumption and when that assumption
is proved wrong,we start our introspection.Is there God?We  donot start
asking what is he like?All these questions are put forth by Adwaita
vedanta.Instead of pointing to an outside agency,the Upanishads started
exploring the inner nature of the human being.It was Shankara who
substantiated the Upanishadic conclusion that God is in the being and not
outside of himself.Infact, it was Shankara who restored the value to the
human being to make him divine.
Bhava shankara desika me sharanam.                  N.Srikanta.

conclusion that God is in the being and not outside of himself.

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