[Advaita-l] The myth of strict old days

srikanta srikanta at nie.ac.in
Wed Oct 20 05:16:55 CDT 2010

"Imparting Brahmavidya to one who has not gone through the step by step
approach is like sounding a conch in the deaf man's ears"

True.It is true with reference to the man who doesnot have the aspiration
to know Brahmavidya.It is like a man doing PhD in mathematics without the
knowledge of Mathematics.I didnot say and mean that way.There are a few
who are already in that path,and because of some
obstruction(Pratibhandhaka) they have not attained Brahmavidya.Let us take
the case of Ramana Maharshi.He has not performed the rituals prescribed in
the Vedas like Agnihotra,Jyotistoma,Nityakarmanustana like sandhyavandana
etc.While he was in in Madurai he was possesses with the fear of death.And
on his enquiry
he could get rid of the fear of death.He immediately left the house and
went to Thiruvannamalai.His is a classic example of an aspirant.In the
Brahmasutra Bhashya of Shankara, Shankara commenting on the Ist Sutra,
"Athato Brahma Jijnasa" says explaining the word"Atha atho"(Athato) that
the enquiry,Brahmajijnasa,can come before the "Dharma Jijnasa"which
belongs to the Purva mimamsa.To have this enquiry,he must first be an
aspirant and not a person who has other desires cannot come to this
enquiry.He is fit only for the kramamukthi or step by step approach.He
must not have other wants.In the older days,Sanyasa was prescribed only
for the seeker of Brahmavidya.He must undergo the traditional path of
Brahmacharya after Upanayanam and can take Sanyasa.Those who are not
taking Sanyasa can go through the step by step approach.For Brahmavidya
there are no intermediate steps.He must have kindled interest.That is
why,Yagnavalkya says"Atmavare shrtavyo,mantavyo,nidhidhyasitavyah".The
Atma must me heard,it must be contemplated and meditated with logic,and
assimilated.One who has not questioned,where from this creation comes,who
am I,or who is wordly cannot come to the stage of Knowing Brahmavidya.
Bhava Shankara Desika me sharanam.                       N.Srikanta.

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